Meet Chontel Duncan

Meet Chontel Duncan

I had the pleasure of chatting with Chontel about all things to do with motherhood, parenting and all the fun stuff that comes along with being a working Mama running a successful company.

Chontel is a wife to her high school sweetheart Sam Duncan whom she met when she was 14. Chontel is a Mama to their son Jeremiah 1, and expecting Mama to their second baby who is due any day now.

In 2011 Chontel became very interested in health and fitness on a professional level. Chontel and Sam started a gym where the classes focused on Muay Thai. Fast forward to 2017, Chontel and Sam now run Hiit Australia with three franchises all located in Queensland Australia.

Did I mention that Chontel is due any day now? If you follow Chontel on social media, you would have seen that she is one inspiring Mama. Maintaining her busy schedule of running a business, being a Mama & wife and keeping her body moving daily with training sessions that could include personal training with one of her amazing trainers or reformer Pilates.

Chontel we are happy and excited to share your story. Welcome to the Rad Mamas Club!

Location Brisbane Australia

Can you share with us who you were before becoming a Mama?

I was extremely career driven, putting very little time into my social and personal life. Both Sam and I were the same in that regard so we were happy focusing solely on the business.
However, I just feel like we worked like we were about to lose our jobs, always getting home at ridiculous hours of the evening and constantly drained/ tired.

About you now as a Mama?
I'm still career driven, but I have a stronger focus on my future which involves personal goals outside of our business. Sam and I just bought our first home, and we are moving in before baby arrives. I now also spend a lot more time with family and friends. I plan time on the weekends where no work is allowed, so we all get that opportunity to reconnect and relax.

What is one thing that Jeremiah has taught you about yourself?
That I can love harder. That I need to stop and relax more often & that life doesn't have to be so serious.

How has your second pregnancy been compared to your first?
It's been a lot quicker; I didn't know until I was ten weeks which was a slight blessing as I feel like pregnancy can feel like a lifetime when you're the one carrying. I feel the same size just without the fluid retention this time round. I have had two very blessed pregnancy where I wasn't in any discomfort for the first 30 weeks, so overall this pregnancy does feel very much like the first.

What are your tips for balancing a business, motherhood and ‘me-time’?
A calendar. I work minute by minute off a pre organized structured schedule. I am aware of what I need to achieve each day. Without that structure, I feel so overwhelmed and unsure of what to prioritize.

What is your advice to a first time, Mama?
Try not to compare yourself & your child to others around you. You will parent & your baby will develop in their unique way, unlike anyone else. It's very exhausting if you focus too much on what everyone else is doing.

What are your top essentials for today’s modern day Mama?
A good consistent sleep routine, a great training regime for mum, a good pram.

Where are your favorite family friendly places to eat and kick back with your family in Brisbane?
The best food places would have to be PawPaw Cafe, Miss Bliss, Eat Street Markets and anywhere that can cook up a mean grilled salmon fillet.

What are you passionate about?
One's overall health, but more specifically I love to share the benefits of a consistent healthy behavior for all walks of life.

Who are your influencers?
I love following Paige Hathaway, Sophie Guidolin, a few celebrities and friends within the industry.

What’s coming up for you and where can we find you?
My next project is all to do with online. I have so many exciting "unfinished" jobs, which after baby will be my priority. Things such as;
•Recipe Ebook 2
•Toddler recipe Ebook
•Training Ebook
•Post pregnancy Ebook

Words you live by?
Positivity especially a positive mindset in all life's highs and lows is the key to success.











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