Meet Kylie Champs

Meet Kylie Champs

Meet Kylie Camps, the Mama behind The Sleep Mama program. Kylie developed a fully comprehensive online course to help mums, dads, carers, and babies everywhere to sleep well, easily and consistently. Kylie gives us an insight into to how she and Mat manage two incredible twin boys and shares with us her tips on keeping a balance between motherhood, running a business and looking after yourself.

About me pre Mama?
Before having the boys, I worked as a flight attendant for Qantas for seven years before venturing into education and training for one of Australia's biggest cosmetic companies. Matt and I lived a pretty easy going lifestyle, we always knew we would have kids but didn't think it would be in 2013! The boys were a total surprise!

About me now as a Mama?
Our boys are nearly four, which I can not believe, I feel like four just sounds so grown up! My husband Matt and I are both super busy all the time, he is a full-time firefighter, and we are both incredibly hands-on in our business. The Sleep Mama requires a lot of effort and time to ensure we can look after all of our clients; we also have four team members that we manage and work alongside. We wouldn't have it any other way though, we both feel truly blessed to be able to work in roles that bring us so much happiness. Matt and I are both big advocates for kind parenting and practice what we preach. We love having a fairly calm household ( as much as possible with twin boys) and enjoy living an active lifestyle.

What is one thing that being a Mama to twin boys has taught you about yourself?
Parenting amplifies your strengths and weaknesses, having the boys has taught me to live life with intent, Before having the boys I was pretty happy to coast along but once I became a parent I felt so much more pulled to invest in my happiness and create a life I love. Having the boys makes me want to be the best role model possible, and when I find myself in less than ideal situations I find myself automatically thinking "how would I want the boys to handle this?" and it gives me an action plan I can be proud of.

What are your tips for balancing a business, motherhood and ‘me-time’?
It is hard, and I don't know whether you can truly "have it all"... I think it's important to be clear and define what success means to you as an individual. We have missed some epic business ventures because it would take me away from the boys in ways I'm not comfortable with but its a natural choice because true success to me is being the mum I want to be. It is really hard to get the right balance, and I feel like sometimes when we are going super well in one area of life- say the business for example- it means another area of life may be lacking, e.g. time with girlfriends. For me to feel happy every day, my priorities are filling my own cup by looking after my body and mind with some quite alone time first thing in the morning before the kids wake up, having a strong connection and happy relationship with Matt, being there for the kids and helping other parents.

Its important for all parents to look after their base needs, such as good food, good sleep, exercise and actively including happiness in every single day.
What’s coming up for you and where can we find you?

We are excited to host our third mama event in January; it is going to be so much fun. We have 150 mothers attending and will be working on personal development, happiness, and loving life.

Words you live by?
"I can do hard things" has been my mantra since the boys were born, and often when I am having a tough day I will start mentally repeating that one. Its a little pep talk to get through. I also am a big fan of perspective and gratitude; I think too many people get caught up in their own lives not realizing just how good they've got it.

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