The Mamas of the  Frankie & Taj SS17 shoot

The Mamas of the Frankie & Taj SS17 shoot

There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and I couldn’t agree more. I decided to go behind the scenes at our SS17 photo shoot to chat with some of the gorgeous Mama’s there. When I contacted each Mama asking if their little babe would like to be a part of the SS17 Shoot, I realized wanted to include them in some way too. We put everything into our little babes, so often that we forget about ourselves. I asked each Mama to wear something that made them feel confident, and gave them the chance to be in the spotlight. I chatted with them about Motherhood, and asked them for any advice they would give to a first time mama. Their answers are raw and real.

First of all, we caught up with Erika, whose gorgeous baby girl Evelyn was our youngest rock star on shoot. Erika confirms what I’m sure most of you reading this will agree, that no matter what the time of the day or night, she will happily wake up for her baby. That’s so true hey? I don’t know about you, but the newborn stage is just one big, hazy, sleepless blur. But no matter how little sleep you get, somehow, you still manage to get up for that 3am feed, because cuddles with your little one makes it all worth it. Erika also reminded us to be patient with yourself. I think this is awesome advice for first time Mama and applies to all aspect of being a parent. Be patient. You wont nail getting the pram in out and of the car first time round, but trust me, a few weeks in you will be a pro. Hell, it took me at LEAST a few weeks of practice just getting the car seat in and out smoothly.


Next up was Emily Camilleri, Mama of two beautiful girls, Lola and Lexi. Emily reminded us that Motherhood teaches you so many skills. Like the fact that by around month 3, you will have pretty much nailed the art of doing everything one handed. Cooking an entire meal from scratch with one hand. No problem. Emily also gave us a great tip which is not be afraid of moving your baby when they are sleeping. Newborns will stir a lot, but generally fall back asleep pretty quickly, and you will be so grateful when they are older that you can carry them from the car to their cot all without waking them!

Time most definitely becomes even more of a luxury once you have a child. It really does feel sometimes that all of your time is either spent with your child, or thinking about them. Hands up who else is guilty of really looking forward to your little one’s bedtime (just so you can sit down and relax!) and then as soon as they are in bed, looking at photos of them on your phone?! Samantha, mum of cheeky little Kai told us she’s learn that she can achieve more in less time than she ever thought possible. I am sure that is something heaps of mums can agree on.

 Mum of two super rad little boys, Deanne assured us that once you become a Mum, you find these vast stores of patience that you never thought you had. This is so true, and is something Kerala, Mama to 5 month old Evie definitely agreed with. Trust me, you really think there is only so many times you can sing twinkle twinkle little stars, or get up again in the middle of the night but when its for your baby, your patience really is limitless.

Kerala’s advice is really to trust your gut instincts. Trust me, as a first time Mama, you will have EVERYONE giving you advice. And I mean everyone. It starts the second your baby arrives, from your parents, to midwives, even random people who stop to have a look at your baby. Trust me, anyone that can say something will. Whilst this is all great, at times it can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is to take this advice be on board, do your research but at the end of the day, do what is best for your baby. YOU are with them day in, day out, YOU know them better than anyone else, and they chose YOU to be their Mama. You really are the best person for the job.

 That’s all from us over at Frankie and Taj. Shout out to all the Mama’s out there, holding it down for their families day in, day out. Keep on smashing it, and chasing those dreams and goals. If you can think of any other tips feel free to email them in, and if you know any expectant Mama’s who would love some of our hot tips an send them our way!

May your coffee be strong & kids well behaved

Stacey x


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