Why Organic Baby Wear Matters

Why Organic Baby Wear Matters

This is my first official go at blogging and I’m super excited about it! I’m aiming to publish a new blog once a month so stay tuned for all things baby, organic and Frankie & Taj related.

So it goes without saying we’re all conscious about what we feed our children right? We want the best of the best, the most nutritious, freshest produce going. I know personally, I choose organic produce. Why? Well mass produced produce is generally sprayed with harmful chemicals and I just don’t want my little Taj ingesting those nasties.

Why Organic Clothing

The same goes for organic clothing. Did you know cotton crops are some of the most heavily sprayed in the world? Yes, those crops are maintained and grown using toxic chemicals to keep them thriving. While it doesn’t seem all that bad at face value, these toxins REALLY impact the health and well-being of your bebe.

Health & Wellbeing

The increased use of toxic chemicals found in our food and in our clothing has resulted in a dramatic rise in skin problems like eczema and allergies in children. Knowing what I do, I make it my business to ensure Taj only wears organic clothing and munches on organic food.

Environmental Factors

So it’s been estimated that only 10% of the pesticides used on cotton crop actually DO anything. 90% of those toxic chemicals are totally useless and end up in our air and water supply. Not only does this damage the environment, it has damaging effects on our wildlife. Approximately 2 MILLION birds are killed annually due to the use pesticides on cotton crops.

During processing, most pesticides are removed from cotton but the effects on our wildlife and environment are staggering and long lasting.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

All of our wares are made from organic GOTS certified cotton. Only products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers can become GOTS certified. All accessories, dyes, and other inputs must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. Additionally, under GOTS, factories must maintain a minimum social criteria, including living wages, safe working conditions, working hours that are not excessive and more.

SO - if you purchase from us you can be SURE you're purchasing ethically sourced and manufactured items.

Taj is hands down the reason I started this business and I am so passionate about bringing you the BEST MOST RAD, ethical, nasty-free, baby wear. Each design is lovingly crafted alongside a very talented textiles designer. I love our unique, hip onsies and wraps. The palette is muted and super stylin’. We work with monochrome, greys and dusty nude pinks. We’re all about ‘less is more’ here at Frankie & Taj.  

Thank you for supporting my dream and I look forward to blogging more often.

Yours in all things RAD


Owner, Frankie & Taj


For more info on toxic chemicals and pesticides in Australia CLICK HERE 

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