The Story

Frankie & Taj was established in Brisbane Australia in 2016, due to one Mama’s struggle to get a full night’s sleep in those early new born days.

When Taj was born my fiancé worked away from home for two weeks at a time. We had very limited family in Brisbane and a lot of our friends lived in different cities and states.

My main concern was sleeping or lack of. Taj was up every 2-3 hours throughout the night and then would sleep through the day.

It was 3am one morning and both Taj & I had another night of broken sleeping. Again I was having trouble settling Taj and In a desperate attempt to settle Taj I laid out a swaddle blanket on my bed and I wrapped him. As soon as I wrapped Taj he settled.

The following night I introduced swaddling to our nighttime routine. Taj slept for longer and settled easier.

I started looking for more wraps and swaddles but struggled to find wraps that had unique and on trend design’s. I could not find wraps that were larger than a small bassinet sheet, and I struggled to find high quality made organic cotton wraps that had a bit of stretch and kept their shape after the first wash.

I soon realized that what I wanted wasn’t out there, so with my newborn baby and my new-found love of the swaddle blanket, I decided I’d do something about it.

Frankie & Taj is now the leader in providing unique and on trend printed swaddle blankets for new born babies.

My passion is to teach first time Mums how to safely swaddle your new born baby.

My commitment to you is to ensure I provide you with rad, unique and cool print designs for you our fashion-loving parents.

ensure that with each collection there is only a limited release on every piece, so your rad babe is as unique as the designs they are wearing.

believe we all have to do our part in ensuring the clothing we’re buying is sourced and made ethically.

All our textiles and fibres are made from organic cotton, grown with plants free of pesticides or genetic modification to protect our children and the environment. 

As our little babes grow, we too are growing and expanding. We currently make our rad kids threads in sizes 000-4, and in coming seasons you’ll see us adding larger size ranges and new lines of clothing and footwear.

I truly love what I do. The huge reward for me as a Mum is being able to have my son beside me every step of the way. Taj is my inspiration. From coming up with the next collection theme and deciding on colours, to product testing and modelling a new collection, Taj is growing with me every step of the way. At times it seems more like play time than work time! I am so excited for the future of Frankie & Taj, and I cannot wait to see more of my ideas come to life and be rocked by your rad little babes.

Yours in all things rad

Stace & Taj xx


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