What our rad Mamas are saying about us

Angela Sanches "So unique and beautiful material that's comfortable. Love supporting a working mamma and everything is so easy with the buying process".

Taegan-Ashley Howard "Because it has awesome designs but easy to put on an infant I'm not a huge fan of having to dress up my son who is 8 months old just to go grocery shopping bit still don't want him to be a dag I love the good quality and rad designs looks great but also mamma friendly ✌❤". 

Emma Jenkins "Your fabric designs rock! But the best bit was he hand written card that comes with our orders! :)". 

 Laura Nicholls "The styles and designs are gorgeous and can be unisex which I love. The fabric is of high quality and their a one of a kind look".

Raquel Smillie "The quality is amazing!! And the fit is true to size - my bub has no reactions to the material and you can tell it's been designed and made with love". 

Khearne Powick "Love that it's a small business and the quality of the items is amazing". 

Jessie Hawken "Love the individual designs, quality materials, unisex options!"

Katrina Smith "I love dressing my baby boy in cool designs, something different to what you get in regular shops like bonds etc! The quality is good and I love supporting small business as I appreciate the love and hard work that goes in to creating the gorgeous clothing!!"

Anita Upton "Organic, black and white, simple".

Kylie Snell "Love that the are organic cotton so important to me and for my babes! Also the designs they are so unique and beautiful! And the quality is amazing even after being in the wash over and over!" 

Kim Lyell "Super funky designs in colours to go with any outfits.. great fabric and long enough in the body to use with reusable nappies on a long bub!"

Renee Clothier "It's very individual and not a lot of people know about or have your rad stuff so they make great pressies!"

Laura Porter "I LOVE that F&T are an Australian brand! Delivery is fast and tracked! The onesies are uniquely designed! The onesies are unisex! The fabric is beautifully soft! I just love it ALL!!"

Annette Foster "I love the prints on the fabric and its all so good quality". 

Wendy MacDonald "Such awesome prints - I love that there is nothing out there like it!" 

 Belinda Piper "I like the individuality of the designs. The fabric is so soft which is perfect for new bubs. I love the size of the swaddles. The are nice and big to wrap bub without their arms escaping".

Sophie Houlihan "Unique. Amazing quality. So soft. Durable. Not "babyish". Speedy delivery".

Martine Johnson "I love Frankie and Taj because it's so nice to put my beautiful bub in something that isn't too cutesy and every now and then we want to wear our attitude. :)"

Keren Gibbard "Im supporting a fellow kiwi mum with a small business, and my baby gets to wear unique organic clothes rather than chain store clothes of dubious origin :) "

Alice Baillie "Monochrome, simplistic but sick designs and beautiful materials on my babes skin". 

Telani Harry "Great quality products, with nifty designs that allow my little one to be dressed well. I also love that I'm supporting small!!" 

Tamara Miller "Purchased a wrap on Sunday night and it was delivered early Tuesday morning. Super quick delivery, and super happy with the product. Definietly will purchase moreI love that Frankie and Taj is unique and different. The patterns are so beautiful and the sizing is spot on. They are easy to wash and soft on bubs skin.

Rebecca Garrett "Excellent quality and I love that the prints are different. I like my baby to be in something new and exciting!"

Shani Olive "I love the versatility and sizes of the wraps, the comfort of the onesies and the limited run prints. They are super soft and great quality and the customer service is amazing". 

Jade Bartley "I love Frankie and taj because the quality is fantastic, the prints are unique there is nothing else like them and most designs are unisex. Also the customer service is amazing".

Sarah Meer "First, when I met you we got along really well at the stylish kids event Secondly, your product quality is absolutely beautiful and it's so comfortable for my little boy Thirdly, the fact that it's organic cotton makes everyone want to buy them because its hypo allergetic and safe for small babies Fourthly, your choice of style and pattern are super cute! Fifth, THEY ARE RAD!"

Amber Olsen "Point of difference".

Vanessa KERTZ "Amazing quality, extremely fast postage/turn around, fabulous quality and the customer service is the best oh and you can't buy pieces like this at standard shops!"

Renee Grayson "Monochrome ?? Non typical baby prints - not a fan of blue trucks or green dinos that you normally see on clothes for my boy so Frankie & Taj fills that gap. Also, the unisex nature of your brand means I can keep them for future babes!!" 

Melissa Conwell "I like Frankie & Taj because the clothing is unique. The patterns on the clothing are not only RAD but you won't find them anywhere else. The quality of the rompers are so soft and lovely and I love them on my new little babe. I also love the communication between staff and Instagram followers they feel more like part of the community then just a "business" 

Alexia Hart " am a big fan of black white greys monochrome etc for childrens clothes so it really fits that look. Trendy <3"

Brooke Diete "I love Frankie and Taj because the outfits are so rad!! I also love Frankie and Taj because the quality it amazing, I can't find wraps that are better quality anywhere. 10/10 service aswell". 

Christine Kennedy "Super fast delivery! Friendly customer service! And quality of the onsie and wrap feel amazing! Thankyou". 

Samantha Faye "I love supporting other mammas so I purchased wraps and onesies from Frankish and Taj's first two collection they got so much wear and are still in fantastic condition-definitely going in the hand me down not chuck me out pile now that my boy has grown out of them. Already looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the next season!"

Sonya McCreary  "Recently purchased two onesies and a wrap and the quality is so beautiful! I purchased for a friends new bub, but will definitely be back for more! + you get a personalised card & quick postage - amazing service!"

Daisy Devitt "Products are simple and soft and they wash beautifully. Also when shopping there is a small range of products, not a whole store to go through so it makes shopping for what you want simple".

Sophie Blew "Love the unique not too over the top patterns and designs used! And the material is devine, aso the fact that you use Gots materials". 

Sabina Petersen "Frankie & Taj is an inspirational brand, I love that it is so different from all the other Instragram mums business's out there, I think Frankie & Taj has done amazingly well & inspires me to do something with my own talents".

Kirstin Mckenzie "I love the style of Frankie & Taj, their unique on trend prints and the quality of the items produced. I want to buy it all!"

Melita Fox "Because it's nice and soft on baby skin and super dooper stylish".

Allason Lee "I purchased the summer suits and the quality is amazing, they fit my daughter so will. They dont get damaged after heaps of washing. Over all they are top quality! In future I will be purchasing as gifts for all my friends with kids/ new babies so everyone gets to see how amazing the products are".

Sidonnie Jacklin "I liked how different the designs were compared to other children's clothes. Sometimes, I feel like there's too many gendered options so to have designs that are neutral is perfect! The material is also amazingly soft and the wraps are so huge and stretchy. I bought a onesies and the 'got milk' wrap for my friend and she absolutely loves them. I think the unique designs match her to a T :) Thank you for having such wonderful products and if I do win, both vouchers are going to my friend as I don't have a kid yet!"

Jennifer Brinckley "Well first off I like Frankie and Taj for the sick designs. My favourite to date would still have to be the love & luck! I like how the sizing have changed and now go up to a size 2, I still love to put my 2 year old in onesies because they're easy and comfy. I like those really cool flatlays with the ropes and other things like watches and sand they're really cool and creative. I also like watching your snap stories (sometimes the black writing and white background as a logo on Instagram can get lost in the snap story line because there are a lot of other logos in the same colours, if that makes any sense) Also love the new SS17 photo shoot so far!